Coin Challenge

The overall shape is that of a badge or shield as it is often referred to.  This is borrowed from the Spartan warriors who used the shield they carried for the protection of those next to them.  This shape was chosen to remind us our badge or shield is for the protection of those we serve.  Under Spartan code to lose or tarnish the shield is the worst thing a warrior could do.

King Demaratus is quoted regarding the harsh punishment Spartan warriors received if they lost or gave up their shield in battle:

“….because the latter [other armors] they put on for their own protection, but the shield is for the common good of the whole line.”

The American Eagle, which displays the colors of our Nations flag is holding the shield up as a reminder of the warrior’s mission of supporting the great American experiment, the Constitution of the United States, and all those who come to this Great Nation.  The colors of our Nations flag are a reminder of hope; hope of being better, hope of achieving equality, hope in the great potential we carry, and hope in the American dream.

The helmet is to protect the warrior, most specifically the warrior brain.  The most important feature of the warrior self.

The North Star represents the brain or cognitive part of the warrior.  We chose the North Star because throughout history it has been used figuratively and literally to keep us on track, get back on track, and check our track.  This is the job of the warrior brain. To borrow from the Gallagher Westfall Group, are we:

Doing the Right Thing In the Right Way At the Right Time For the Right Reasons

The olive wreath represents the Athenian Philosophy of Victory In Peace.  We are peace keepers, we maintain peace and order, peace or lack of crime is our goal.

The quote on the back of the coin: “The wounds of Honor, Integrity, and Courage are self-inflicted” is an adaptation of a Carnegie quote to remind the warrior they alone hold the key to maintaining these three aspects of the warrior code.

With all of these together we have the modern warrior, the one found in today’s police officer: the Cognitive Warrior A Reader, a Writer, a Thinker, and a Fighter (Gallgher Westfall Group)