Community Policing: The Collective Role and Understanding of Keeping the Peace While Maintaining Law, Order, and Civility

Currently, the discussion regarding crime and communities has focused solely on the police profession as the cause and solution. This approach is historically false and designed to elicit community discourse.
Historically, crime prevention has been a community responsibility, not just a police responsibility. There is currently no discussion attempting to put the community back into community policing.

This book discusses foundational practices from a community aspect, which includes the police. Instead of claiming a higher standard for the police, we discuss a single standard for all community members, which the police exemplify. We discuss the Peelian Principles as a means to re-establish everyone’s responsibility in crime prevention – then we can practice proper accountability.

The concept of Duty to Intervene is presented as a community requirement (when safe to do so) and not just a police standard. Bias is discussed from the understanding bias is a requirement for survival in all species. Our species is the only one which is told our bias as opposed to having experiences develop bias. To change the bias, change the experience. There are anecdotal aspects to assist in understanding how a proper interaction with community members should occur, comparing it to a doctor’s visit – imagine your doctor visit going the way many of the interactions with police go today. Staying healthy is the individual’s responsibility, so is keeping ones self safe. We clarify the mission of public safety. The mission can’t just be a police department mission, it has to be a community mission. We take on the divisive discussion of Warrior or Guardian from a researched perspective in this community leadership book. The guardian as mentioned in the 21st Century Police report from 2015 states the Guardian comes from Plato’s Republic. We propose the desired ethos for our nation is that of the Warrior, the complete Warrior Ethos which has nothing to do with killing, soldiering or battle. As a matter of fact, the Warrior Ethos at its core is about selfless service. We take it a step further and ask the community to consider the Cognitive Warrior Ethos (Thoughtful Selfless Service) in this leadership book.

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